Analysis on stress state of box-girder web under prestressing effect

Haijun Yin, Ziqing Li, Xianwu Hao, Baojun Zhao, Kei Eguchi, Tong Chen
2018 ITM Web of Conferences  
In order to study the effect of prestressed box girder webs stresss state, determining the stress distribution within a web, research and analysis of vertical prestressed box girder, curved beam prestressed sensitivity under the web. Establishing the finite element model of the box girder web vertical prestressing effect is analyzed, results show that the principal tensile stress of the web is sensitive to the vertical prestress, applying the vertical prestress can effectively reduce the
more » ... y reduce the principal tensile stress of the web; with the decrease of the effective vertical prestress, the neutral axis above the principal compressive stress decreases rapidly, while below the neutral axis decreases relatively slow; Under the same vertical preloading stress level, the roots of cross section of the compressive stress of web reserves than L / 4 section of the web. Calculation and analysis of curved beam under bending point, different bending angles and bending radius of principal stress effect on the web, Results show that the set of curved beam web when the curved beam bending stress concentration easily, appear the main tensile stress; Increase the bending radius can effectively reduce beam cross-section of web principal tensile stress, along with the rising of the next corner, principal tensile stress peak value increases gradually, thus setting bending beam, should try to reduce the bending angle.
doi:10.1051/itmconf/20181703007 fatcat:632iggi4ozduxck5v2uvafsqey