Factors and patterns of technical and technological development of enterprises' bases

Oleksandr Emelyanov, Tetiana Petrushka
2014 Cхід  
The factors grouping, which is made for the development of technical and technological base of the company at their place of origin is developed by means of dividing the factors that arise: during the enterprise development process, design and manufacture of the elements, the process of supply of raw materials, in process of consumers, in the functioning of resource markets, in the operation of public authorities. The criterion for the feasibility of existing technology substitution in the new
more » ... itution in the new competitive markets of enterprise, taking into account the division of assets on technological and non-technological component is developed. The principle of periodic rotation of technology industry leader is developed, based on the criteria separation, where there is a need of industry changes, which is characterized by the highest level of technological development. The appropriateness of use the reduced costs indicator as a tool for the study of factors and patterns of technical and technological enterprises development base, under condition, that markets of their products are characterized by high levels of competition. By means of using the methods of economic- mathematical modeling the formal criteria is developed for appropriate replacement of the existing technology of new energy-saving technologies production. The fairly common assertion, that rising energy prices stimulates energy-saving technologies can be unfair in the short term. It was found, that the optimal time replacement of obsolete equipment under non-competitive markets is a time moment, where the value of net cash flow from the operation of these assets is equal to the product of the discount rate on the amount of the net present value of the new assets' operation.
doi:10.21847/1728-9343.2013.6(126).20509 doaj:738bbc95fb3040d297830b9f39c61d66 fatcat:aj7ebvwqqbdifp2v6hemxeze7a