Fault tolerant load balancing in vehicular communication using distributed spanning tree

J. Amudhavel, LSS Reddy, P. Dhavachelvan
2018 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems  
VANET information dissemination among vehicle to infrastructure and infrastructure to the vehicle is necessarily more important. Sharing resources between vehicles such as safety messages, weather reports, multimedia applications, traffic information's, alert message without any failures is still an issue in VANET.A Lot of improvements needed for resource sharing by proper load balancing. Distributed Spanning Tree is similar to broadcast algorithm. The broadcast algorithms are used to send the
more » ... essages. To analyze the function of Load balancing which is an unsolved problem in vehicular networks due to the movement of vehicles. Distributed Spanning Tree structure is proposed to frame the fault-tolerant load balancing in VANET. The main aim of load balancing is to distribute resources for increasing the performance and to minimize the delay. This fault-tolerant load balancing is achieved by Distributed Spanning Tree (DST). Intelligent transportation system makes communication more robust and safe between the vehicles. Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network is gaining popularity in the research field due to increase in safer communication between vehicles. Load balancing in vehicular networks is more critical due to mobility of vehicles. Discovery of services in VANET which ensures good QoS (Quality of Service) is very essential.
doi:10.4108/eai.19-6-2018.154827 fatcat:nik2557elzcntmx67syszs45lq