Assay for Lipolytic and Proteolytic Activity Using Marine Substrates

Raymond A. Tom, Eli V. Crisan
1975 Applied microbiology  
Nondestructive assay procedures for determining microbial lipolytic and proteolytic activity on marine substrates were developed and tested with 287 isolates of bacteria, filamentous fungi, and yeasts. A definite substrate specificity was noted when the enzymatic activities on marine and nonmarine substrates was compared. Of 170 lipolytic isolates, 14 were only active on menhaden oil, 11 could hydrolyze menhaden oil and Tween 80 and/or tributyrin, and 145 isolates could only hydrolyze one or
more » ... hydrolyze one or both of the nonmarine lipids. Of the 198 proteolytic isolates, 10 were specific for codfish extract, 152 were active against the marine substrate plus casein and/or gelatin, and 36 were specific for nonmarine substrates.
doi:10.1128/aem.29.2.205-210.1975 fatcat:d77o47a6vbbt5gotamevd7nfye