Teachers' Professional Development and Education Innovation Under the Background of qInternet Plus Educationq in Colleges

Qingtao Liu
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2017)   unpublished
The new era Internet plus education has brought new development direction for the teaching of higher education. College teachers are faced with both opportunities and challenges. College teachers need to adapt to the new background for professional growth and educational innovation. This article starts from the influence of Internet plus education background, probes into the teachers' professional development and education innovation strategy in colleges. A Brief Introduction of "Internet plus
more » ... ducation" With the development of modern science and technology, China has entered the "Internet plus" strategic development stage."Internet plus" refers to the depth integration of the innovation in the field of Internet and various fields of modern economic and social development, and promote efficiency, organizational change and technological progress. Then, to further improve the modern real economy ability and innovation ability, society eventually form a new form of Internet infrastructure and the innovative elements of the broader integration of modern economic and social development [1]. One of its main features is the leap from information technology to data technology. In simple terms, "Internet plus" is connected through the Internet to learn in every aspect of your life, this is the attribute of "plus". "Internet plus education" is a combination of Internet and education. Through various forms of online education, make the education from closed to open, breaking the monopoly of knowledge, teaching to break the barriers in space and time. Teachers can use video or network communication to provide online education courses, at any time, any place can be to teach the course, and students are not like the traditional model, only in the field of classroom lectures, classes of students can even cross regional, cross-border, according to their own standards and preferences, choose to listen to the class who, at what time courses and so on. The rise of "Internet plus education" has brought a profound impact for college teachers. For college teachers, quickly adapt to the new mode of education, closely follow the pace of the times, accelerate self-improvement, professional development and education innovation, is the key to fulfill their social responsibilities and functions of teachers' occupation. "Internet plus Education" Brings the Change of Teaching Mode Changes in Education. The rapid development of the Internet has brought new technology. Produced many new mode of education and form in education, such as online school, MOOC, self organizing learning, open class, game based learning. Classroom education in the school, also produced the flipped classroom, creating classroom, mobile learning a variety of new classroom teaching mode. With the continuous development of robot technology, the team at home and abroad with the basic function can play football and in gradually to pick the ball function development. Pick the ball design break through the traditional 2D game model, this makes robot can directly hit the opponent ball and don't have to go around, this simplified decision-making, increase attack and breakthrough are quite useful. But because of the limits of the robots, how to make robots in the limited space in both playing and picking the ball is a big test of the structure design. Change of Teaching Environment. Education will be moved into the process of the Internet in
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