Impact of herbal supplements nowadays: an overview

L. I. Ramirez, O. N. Kanwugu, M. N. Ivantsova
2022 Chimica Techno Acta  
At present, people around the world are looking for more natural alternatives for treating all kinds of health conditions as well as improving the general wellbeing. As such, the consumption of herbal supplements has increased globally, generating billions in revenue. The use of these herbal products is firmly rooted in the traditional use of medicinal plants for disease prevention and treatment, practiced in several cultures. Although herbal products are recognized by the WHO as an essential
more » ... mponent of the healthcare system, there have been increasing concerns regarding their quality and safety. Generally, herbal products are not strictly regulated as they are largely categorized under dietary supplements, thus escaping the rigorous scrutiny meted out to pharmaceuticals. Notwithstanding that many consumers generally perceive herbal products as benign and inherently safe, several reports have shown that herbal products can induce mild to acute adverse effects of clinical significance. Moreover, some herbal products on the market have been reported to be contaminated with microorganisms, environmental toxins, and adulterants. Furthermore, evidence regarding the efficacy of herbal supplements is extremely discrepant.
doi:10.15826/chimtech.2022.9.2.s4 fatcat:sfs4tgmxs5c5jgkwxrbd3wkpdu