Role of the functional status of the autonomic nervous system in the clinical course of purulent meningitis

D. A. Zadiraka, O. V. Ryabokon
2014 Patologìâ  
Аim. To increase the autonomic dysfunction diagnostics effi ciency for patients suffering from purulent meningitis in the disease dynamics based on the complex of clinical evidence and functional status of autonomic nervous system. Methods and results. There were 60 patients with purulent meningitis under medical observation. Wein's questionnaire was used for the detection of clinical presentations of autonomic dysfunction. Functional status of autonomic nervous system was diagnosed using the
more » ... thod of computer-based cardiointervalometry. The screening group was formed of 20 healthy individuals. Conclusion. In the dynamics of patients suffering from purulent meningitis since the second week in the course of standard treatment clinical signs of autonomic dysfunction prevail, they persist at the moment of dismissal in 72,7% of patients, combined with the imbalance of neurohumoral regulation parameters in the form of power reduction of heart rate variability spectral parameters with the presence of autonomic imbalance towards vagotonia.
doi:10.14739/2310-1237.2014.1.25159 fatcat:cwbtkhw2gjgynbxmliq42lxmty