Group theoretical analysis of a system of monopoles

SC Joshi, VP Pandey, BS Rajput
2001 Sri Lankan Journal of Physics  
Investigating-the behavior of a monopole moving in the field of another monopole we have obtained energy eigenvalue and eigenfunctions of the system. It has been demonstrated that isotropic harmonic oscillator is (n+1) (n+2)/2 fold degenerate and SU(3) is the algebra to describe this system. The energy eigenvalue of monopolonium is modified from the usual energy eigenvalue of hydrogen atom due to the magnetic charge and Bohr radius of the system is very small in comparison to atomic Bohr
more » ... It has also been demonstrated that Hamiltonian of the monopolonium is invariant under 0(4) and degree of degeneracy is n fold. Corresponding author
doi:10.4038/sljp.v2i0.179 fatcat:feelivfruzdovcdpzwaeogktuy