UC Davis Dermatology Online Journal Title Palmoplantar hyperkeratotic lesions: a rare presentation of lichen planus Publication Date

Almodovar Real, Ana Aneiros-Fernández, Jose Molina-Leyva, Alejandro, Ana Almodovar-Real, Jose Aneiros-Fernández, Alejandro Molina-Leyva, Antonia Fernandez-Pugnaire, Ana Almodovar-Real
2015 unpublished
Palmoplantar lichen planus is a localized and rare subtype of lichen planus (LP) often underdiagnosed. Several morphological types of palmoplantar lesions have been defined in LP. We present an unusual case of the palmoplantar kyperkeratotic variant of LP. Histopathology examination confirmed our diagnosis. We emphasize the importance of this rare entity in the differential diagnosis of palmoplantar dermatoses.