Landing Gear 2 Degree of Freedom Modeling and Optimization
착륙장치 2 자유도 동적 모델링 및 최적설계

Seung-Gyu Lee, Jeong-Woo Shin, Tae-Uk Kim
2015 Journal of the Korean Society for Aviation and Aeronautics  
Because of kinematic complexities, nonlinear behavior, etc, the performance of oleo-pneumatic landing gear is predicted by qualified commercial softwares. While commercial softwares predict more exactly, it takes a long time to construct or modify a model. At initial design stage, design parameters can be determined quickly and exactly enough with simple 2 degree of freedom model of mass, spring and damping. 2 degree of freedom model can be easily applied to optimization and reliability
more » ... reliability analysis which takes repetitive computation. In this paper, oleo-pneumatic landing gear is modeled as a nonlinear 2 degree of freedom model. The analysis are compared with landing gear drop test. To determine design parameter, optimization problem is solved with genetic algorithm and 2 degree of freedom model.
doi:10.12985/ksaa.2015.23.1.056 fatcat:xchpwqcdfjhhtlxbdvkhzhtiie