Ovulation after sympathetic denervation of the rat ovary produced by freezing its nerve supply

S. N. Wylie, P. J. Roche, W. R. Gibson
1985 Reproduction  
The ovaries of cyclic female rats were unilaterally or bilaterally denervated or sham-operated. Denervation was achieved by freezing the ovarian vascular pedicle and suspensory ligament about 1 cm from the ovary; this technique renders the ovary devoid of innervation for up to 10 days. Denervated ovaries from 6 unilaterally and 7 bilaterally operated animals exhibited normal ovulation rates (5\m=.\8\ m=+-\1\m=.\0and 5\m=.\2\ m=+-\1\ m=. \ 2 respectively, mean \m=+-\ s.e.m.) compared with intact
more » ... ompared with intact (5\m=.\6 \m=+-\ 0\m=.\4) and sham-operated controls (4\m=.\4 \m=+-\ 0\m=.\6unilaterally sham-operated; 4\m=.\1\ m=+-\ 0\m=.\8 bilaterally sham-operated). It is concluded that the mechanism of follicular rupture is unaffected by the absence of ovarian sympathetic innervation.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0750369 pmid:4067920 fatcat:znabirlwjnhc5bmr4r6nyfr6cq