Archimedes: A feasibility study of an experiment to weigh the electromagnetic vacuum

E. Calloni, M. De Laurentis, G. Esposito, G.P. Pepe, L. Rosa, C. Stornaiolo, F. Tafuri, S. Caprara, M. Grilli, E. Majorana, S. Petrarca, P. Puppo (+5 others)
2017 The Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting  
Archimedes is a feasibility study of a future experiment to ascertain the interaction of vacuum fluctuations with gravity. The experiment should measure the force that the earths gravitational field exerts on a Casimir cavity by using a small force detector. Here we analyse the main parameters of the experiment and we present its conceptual scheme, which overcomes in principle the most critical problems.
doi:10.1142/9789813226609_0471 fatcat:y46mouxxlfhqdan2wnunlmgrku