Wireless Epidermal Electromyogram Sensing System

Lee, Yoon, Lee, Seong, Lee, Jang, Choi, Yu, Kim, Lee, Son
2020 Electronics  
Massive efforts to build walking aid platforms for the disabled have been made in line with the needs of the aging society. One of the core technologies that make up these platforms is a realization of the skin-like electronic patch, which is capable of sensing electromyogram (EMG) and delivering feedback information to the soft, lightweight, and wearable exosuits, while maintaining high signal-to-noise ratio reliably in the long term. The main limitations of the conventional EMG sensing
more » ... ms include the need to apply foam tape or conductive gel on the surface of the device for adhesion and signal acquisition, and also the bulky size and weight of conventional measuring instruments for EMG, limiting practical use in daily life. Herein, we developed an epidermal EMG electrode integrated with a wireless measuring system. Such the stretchable platform was realized by transfer-printing of the as-prepared EMG electrodes on a SiO2 wafer to a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer substrate. The epidermal EMG patch has skin-like properties owing to its unique mechanical characteristics: i) location on a neutral mechanical plane that enables high flexibility, ii) wavy design that allows for high stretchability. We demonstrated wireless EMG monitoring using our skin-attachable and stretchable EMG patch sensor integrated with the miniaturized wireless system modules.
doi:10.3390/electronics9020269 fatcat:q7cmzlfunjbsdosabrgepwybgu