A. Zhaksylykov's novel "Singing Stones" in aspect of the literary domain theory

Olga A. Valikova, Uldanai M. Bakhtikireeva
2019 RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism  
The authors of the article believe that the symbolic systems to which the language belongs form structured databases in a certain way - domains that develop according to specifi c rules and aff ect the culture of a language community. According to the hypothesis of the research presented in the paper, Russian-language literature is a special cultural domain generated by the ethnogenetic (in this case, Kazakh) and canonical (Russian) fi elds of culture. It was found that at the crossroads of
more » ... ures - and literatures - a new aesthetic phenomenon is being formed, which modern literary criticism has yet to describe. The main objectives of the study included interpretation of the text by the method of hermeneutic commentary, elimination of linguocultural lacunae, and complex poetic analysis. The research material was the fi rst pentalogy novel by A. Zhaksylykov "Dreams of the Damned" - "Singing Stones". The authors conclude that modern Russian literature gravitates not so much to the Russian (in the strict sense of the term) language fi eld as to the Russophonic or translingual fi eld, using the term by professor Steven Kellman.
doi:10.22363/2312-9220-2019-24-4-633-648 fatcat:5kgeccdaijfm7ct4nwpu2jqfhy