Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) and Home Delivery in India: A Geographical Study

Mayank Kumar Singh, Krishan Chand Ramotra
2014 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science  
Objective: Objectives of this paper is to identify the regional gap in receiving services from SBA for delivery being conducted at home in India as well as to explore the determinant of safe delivery at home. Data and methods: We have used cross-sectional data from all three rounds of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) conducted during 1992(NFHS) conducted during -93, 1998(NFHS) conducted during -99 and 2005. We have used bivariate, chi square test and logistic regression for the present
more » ... . Results: Thirty Seven percent of total delivery was conducted in health facility whereas 13% of home deliveries were assisted by SBA in India. India is still behind in receiving SBA services compared to MDG goal among currently married women which is 100 percent with respect to the goal defined by the United Nations. Results show that safe home delivery is significantly associated with education of mother, religion, wealth quintile, birth order and ANC visit. Further the variables like higher educated mother, Muslim women, women from higher wealth quintile in receiving ANC services during pregnancy were the beneficiary in receiving services from SBA as well during home delivery. Thus, in all three rounds of NFHS the progress in this regard is still lagging behind after numerous efforts being made by government. Women from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh were receiving less SBA service at home delivery. (SBA). Government have got to convince the populace for institutional delivery so that the untimely deaths of women can be averted with proper treatment and safe delivery. Women should schedule in advance for delivery during pregnancy so that safe delivery can take place and also the number of maternal deaths can be reduced. Besides this government should focus on poor uneducated and younger rural women as well as it should ensure at least four ANC visits for every pregnant woman as well. So that maternal mortality can be combated on time. Conclusion: Main predictor of safe home delivery is education of mother, religion, wealth quintile, birth order and ANC visits. It is very unfortunate that a delivery is taking place at home if it is so then at least it should be conducted by skilled birth attendant
doi:10.9790/0837-191248188 fatcat:blo2jct6dza6dmud4vmmqugjqe