Estimation of extreme sea levels at tide-dominated coastal zone
조석이 지배적인 해역의 극치해면 산정

Ju Whan Kang, Yang-Seon Kim, Hongyeon Cho, Jae-Seol Shim
2012 Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers  
An EST-based method which is applicable for estimating extreme sea levels from short sea-level records in a tide dominated coastal zone was developed. Via the method, annual maximum tidal level is chosen from the simulated 1-yr tidal data which are constituted by the independent daily high water levels, short term and long term surge heights and typhoon-induced surge heights. The high water levels are generated considering not only spring/ neap tides and annual tide but also 18.6-year lunar
more » ... 18.6-year lunar nodal cycle. Typhoon-induced surges are selected from the training set which is constructed by observed or simulated surge heights. This yearly simulation is repeated many hundred years to yield the extreme tidal levels, and the whole process is carried out many hundred times repeatedly to get robust statistics of the levels. In addition, validation of the method is also shown by comparing the result with other researches with the tidal data of Mokpo Harbor.
doi:10.9765/kscoe.2012.24.6.381 fatcat:mwi32i6knjev7m5gsr3iizczpu