Teresita Terán
2013 unpublished
TICs has been outlined in the National Plan of Education 2006-2116 like one of the Ends of the Education in the XXI Century in their instance of pedagogic Renovation and with the use of TICs in education. Our challenge as teachers is to achieve a critical formation of the use of these new technologies, and in the province of Santa Fe the Pedagogic Laboratories complete this function. These Laboratories are instances of formation with the purpose of recreating our own practices and innovation
more » ... ces in our way of teaching that it becomes in experimentation in new learning ways. We present a Site of Probability as a different strategy of incorporating the Probability at school. When working this way the students are motivated, they participate generating a space of social construction of learning, a significant learning that they will be able to apply to other situations of the daily life. During the period 2010 Professors of secondary school began to participate in Pedagogic Laboratories implemented in Santa Fe Province through the direction of ORT Schools of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. These Laboratories are instances of continuous education formation with the purpose of recreating the own practices of teachers and innovation spaces in the way of teaching as an experimentation in new learning ways. The objectives of these laboratories are: • To develop the teaching processes-learning by means of the use of the TIC. • To offer learning opportunities starting from tools that propitiates the participation and collaboration. • To strengthen the organization of professors' groups for the planning and elaboration of didactic materials of the different subjects in virtual environments of learning. Starting from the second semester of the 2011 in some schools of Santa Fe Province, selected in a first stage for the implementation of Pedagogic Laboratories, teachers begin to work together with a Coordinator of Laboratory who collaborates in the same school institution whose function is: 1. To present to teachers the proposal of the Pedagogic Laboratories 2. To motivate their colleagues to produce projects of creation of materials. 3. To disclose the productions of the Laboratories of Santa Fe and to motivate the use of such resources 4. To enable and to accompany the process of production of materials. This way, in the School of Guided Teaching N°623 were incorporated projects TIC's with an Effect Multiplier through the teachers who have participated in the Project of Pedagogic