Suitability of charcoal from selected tropical plants for the production of blasting black powder

ZO Opafunso
2007 Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)  
The performance characteristics of charcoal samples of five tropical plants were evaluated for the production of black powder for blasting, sporting and firework purposes. The charcoal produced from each of the tropical plants was used in combination with potassium nitrate and sulphur to produce black powders in the ratio of 2:3:0.5. With the foreign black powder as control, the produced black powders were subjected to ignition/deflagration field tests. The results show that the flame from the
more » ... gnition of the black powder of trema orientalis were similar to that of foreign black powder. They were reddish in nature intermixed with yellowish colour and, therefore, would be suitable for blasting purposes. Also, that of manihot esculentas would do well for use as gunpowder for sporting purposes while that of cajanus cajan would be an ideal ingredient for the making of fireworks and Christmas "bisco" light. The performances of that of bambusa spp and tectona grandis were too poor for efficient blasting, sporting or firework purposes.
doi:10.4314/just.v26i2.32988 fatcat:f66xrkgdvfhvvi76bdo6u4yjju