Application of the Bipolar Neutrosophic Hamacher Averaging Aggregation Operators to Group Decision Making: An Illustrative Example

Jamil, Abdullah, Yaqub Khan, Smarandache, Ghani
2019 Symmetry  
The present study aims to introduce the notion of bipolar neutrosophic Hamacher aggregation operators and to also provide its application in real life. Then neutrosophic set (NS) can elaborate the incomplete, inconsistent, and indeterminate information, Hamacher aggregation operators, and extended Einstein aggregation operators to the arithmetic and geometric aggregation operators. First, we give the fundamental definition and operations of the neutrosophic set and the bipolar neutrosophic set.
more » ... Our main focus is on the Hamacher aggregation operators of bipolar neutrosophic, namely, bipolar neutrosophic Hamacher weighted averaging (BNHWA), bipolar neutrosophic Hamacher ordered weighted averaging (BNHOWA), and bipolar neutrosophic Hamacher hybrid averaging (BNHHA) along with their desirable properties. The prime gain of utilizing the suggested methods is that these operators progressively provide total perspective on the issue necessary for the decision makers. These tools provide generalized, increasingly exact, and precise outcomes when compared to the current methods. Finally, as an application, we propose new methods for the multi-criteria group decision-making issues by using the various kinds of bipolar neutrosophic operators with a numerical model. This demonstrates the usefulness and practicality of this proposed approach in real life.
doi:10.3390/sym11050698 fatcat:j7dkf5hxobc7lpb6kbvfrgy7tq