The Eye and the Sun

1873 Scientific American  
80 • 'titntifit �mttitan. J citutifit �mtrican. (FEBRUARY 8, 1873. what particular medicines were prescribed, but the quanti. THE aD AND THE SUN. MUNN & CO., Editors and Proprietors. ties of each might baffie all attempts at interpretation, and Mr. Oliver B yrns, of Canada, has forwardea to us a pam. whether we take ten grains or twenty grains of strychnin is phlet in which he argues that, because the pupil o� the eye a matter of serious importance to the patient. In such an becomes expanded
more » ... ing the darkness of nig-ht, the disk of extremity we dare say that the druggist tries to err on the the sun on its rising is apparently larger Than when that lu· right side, and halves the supposed amount, and he is now minary reaches the zenith. He also says that when the sun accused of forg( tting to make a corresponding deduction in is in the horizon its rays have to pass through a thicker stra· the price. The physician's side of the story is that the tum of air than when it is overhead; that the atoms of air apothecaries are sometimes not properly educated, and hence are competent to intercept it portion of the sunlight on its make mistakes in reading prescriptions. They say that passage, and the greater the distance of the air to be passed PUBLISHED WEEKLY A.T NO.' 37 PARK ROW. NEW YORK"
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02081873-80b fatcat:ueoqje4c2jbfzn7kb4z6gldcky