Viko 2.0: A Hierarchical Gecko-inspired Adhesive Gripper with Visuotactile Sensor [article]

Chohei Pang, Qicheng Wang, Kinwing Mak, Hongyu Yu, Michael Yu Wang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Robotic grippers with visuotactile sensors have access to rich tactile information for grasping tasks but encounter difficulty in partially encompassing large objects with sufficient grip force. While hierarchical gecko-inspired adhesives are a potential technique for bridging performance gaps, they require a large contact area for efficient usage. In this work, we present a new version of an adaptive gecko gripper called Viko 2.0 that effectively combines the advantage of adhesives and
more » ... tile sensors. Compared with a non-hierarchical structure, a hierarchical structure with a multimaterial design achieves approximately a 1.5 times increase in normal adhesion and double in contact area. The integrated visuotactile sensor captures a deformation image of the hierarchical structure and provides a real-time measurement of contact area, shear force, and incipient slip detection at 24 Hz. The gripper is implemented on a robotic arm to demonstrate an adaptive grasping pose based on contact area, and grasps objects with a wide range of geometries and textures.
arXiv:2204.10082v1 fatcat:23n4lpv2mzhgpfmsswvijpjvjm