The Flow Control by a Vertical Splitter Plate for a Square Prism near a Wall
벽면 근처에 놓인 정방형주의 수직 분할판에 의한 유동 제어

Ki-Deok Ro, Ji-Ryong Cho, Se-Kyung Oh
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering  
The passive control by vertical splitter plate of fluid force acting on a square prism near a plane wall was studied by measuring of fluid force on the prism and by visualization of the flow field using PIV. The hight of the splitter plate was 10% of the square width. The experimental parameters were the attaching position of vertical splitter plate and the space ratios G/B to the prism height. Time variation of vorticity was most remarkable at 3.0B(B: prism height) position toward wake
more » ... toward wake direction from the center of the prism. The point of inflection of average lift coefficient and Strouhal number on the prism were represented at the space ratio G/B=0.4~0.6 for the prism having vertical splitter plate. The drag of the prism was reduced average 5.0% with the space ratios by attaching the vertical splitter plate at the upper and rear corner on the prism. In this case, the size of the separated region on the upside of the prism was smaller than that of prism having no the splitter plate.
doi:10.5916/jkosme.2012.36.1.94 fatcat:fv234vox2jcxtcywqpkk7oaasa