Magnetic Fields and Directional Spectral Emissivity in Sunspots and Faculae: Complimentary Evidence of Metallic Behavior on the Surface of the Sun

Robitaille P.-M.
2013 Progress in Physics  
Sunspots and faculae are related phenomena and constitute r egions of elevated magnetic field intensity on the surface of the Sun. These structures ha ve been extensively studied in the visible range. In this regard, it has been recognized t hat the intensity contrast of faculae, relative to the photosphere, increases considerably as the line of observation moves from the center to the limb of the Sun. Such center to limb variation (CLV) suggests that the directional spectral emissivity of the
more » ... aculae increases at the same time that photospheric directional emissivity decreases. Since the directional spectral emissivity of faculae increases towards the limb, these structures, along with sunspots, provide strong evidence for metallic behavior at the level o f the solar surface. This further strengthens claims that the body of the Sun is not gaseous, but rather, comprised of condensed matter.
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