Human resistin in cardiovascular disease

Sang Eun Lee, Hyo-Soo Kim
2012 Journal of Smooth Muscle Research  
An adipokine, resistin, was first discovered as a potential mediator of obesity related insulin resistance in rodents. However, the relevance of resistin in human obesity and insulin resistance has been challenged by the difference between human and rodent resistin and the controversies in human epidemiologic studies. Instead, recent human clinical studies and experiments support the idea that human resistin is an inflammatory mediator and a biomarker of cardiovascular diseases, especially in
more » ... es, especially in atherosclerosis and heart failure. Thus, we focused on the recent evidence of the role of human resistin in cardiovascular disease. Resistin as an adipokine in rodent model Prevalence of obesity is growing rapidly and it has become a major worldwide health problem because it is strongly associated with a number of diseases, including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease, that reduce life expectancy and together have huge economic and societal consequences (Ouchi et al., 2011) . Adipocytes or adipose tissue have been considered to hold responsibility for development of such obesity-related disorders and became the target of tremendous studies to elucidate the mechanism of obesity-related disorders and the clues to cure or prevent those problems. These studies have identified adipocytes or adipose tissue, which were previously well-known for their essential role as energy storage depots, as an active endocrine gland that secretes important hormones, cytokines, vasoactive substances, and other peptides. Adipocytes or adipose tissue, thereby, influence local adipocyte biology as well as systemic metabolism at sites as diverse as brain, liver, muscle, B cells, gonads, lymphoid organs, and systemic vasculature as a regulator of food intake and nutrient metabolism, insulin sensitivity, stress responses, reproduction, bone growth, and
doi:10.1540/jsmr.48.27 pmid:22504487 fatcat:syepdtfwrncchoa2ikuzziisgu