Test of the absence of kinetic terms around the tachyon vacuum in cubic string field theory

Hiroyuki Hata, Shunsuke Teraguchi
2001 Journal of High Energy Physics  
It has been conjectured that the bosonic open string theory around the non-perturbative tachyon vacuum has no open string dynamics at all. We explore, in the cubic open string field theory with level truncation approximation, the possibility that this conjecture is realized by the absence of kinetic terms of the string field fluctuations. We study the kinetic terms with two and four derivatives for the lower level scalar modes as well as their BRST transformation properties. The behavior of the
more » ... coefficients of the kinetic terms in the neighborhood of the non-perturbative vacuum supports our expectation that the BRST invariant scalar component lacks its kinetic term.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2001/05/045 fatcat:3pv3b7nu3bhavgmrq7s2vtx42e