New Spoke Machine

1853 Scientific American  
Cast·lron Interi or Wall •• L. A. Gouch, architect , Harlem , N. Y., has shown us plans for cast· iron partition walls , which appear to be far superior in every res· pect , and can be put up for less than those of brick. They are formed of perforated plates bolted together, each of about one·sixteenth of an inch in thickness , and secured so as to ma ke a partition of four inches in thickness , having an air space between , which will an·' swer for ventilation , gas pipes , water pipes, and
more » ... air pipes. These plates can be cover· ed with plaster and made to resemble a hard· finish wall. These partitions will be fire proof , and flanges are cast upon them for joists and beams of flooring and stairs. Such a par
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08271853-396b fatcat:lizahy5e5jemhash4fmbc4ckni