Frequency of Clot in Left Atrium (LA) in Patients of Severe Mitral Stenosis (MS) with Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Qazi Saboor, Talha Mahmud, Fuad Hakeem, Saira Agha, Abubakar Hilal, Husnain Bashir, Adnan Aslam
2012 unpublished
To determine the frequency of clot in left atrium (LA) in patients suffering from tight mitral stenosis (MS) with atrial fibrillation. A cross-sectional descriptive type study at two centers was performed. A total of 50 adult patients with tight MS and AF were included. A 12 leads electrocardiography was performed once for each patients to look for AF after transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) and clinical examination features revealed tight MS. Patients with AF were selected and TTE was done
more » ... and TTE was done to detect clot in LA. Tran esophageal echocardiography (TEE) was performed whenever clot could not be detected with TTE. Among 50 patients studied. There were 20 males and 30 females, TTE was done of all patients and LA clot were detected in 10 patients (20% of total) and TEE were performed in remaining 40 patients (80% of total) and additional 12 patients (24% of total) with clot in LA were detected. Therefore total of 44% of patients had LA clot. Among them 4% had clot in LA body and 40% had in LA appendage. LA dimension was found to be relevant (P value = 0.004) with the presence of clot in patients of severe MS with AF. LA spontaneous echo contrast (LASEC) was found in all patients. LA clot was present in 44% patients with tight MS and AF. Larger LA diameters is a strong predictor-of presence of LA clot in severe MS with AF.