Hierarchical Alignment in Movima

Katharina Haude
2009 International Journal of American Linguistics  
In Movima (unclassified, lowland Bolivia), the arguments of a transitive clause are encoded according to the position of their referents in an indexability hierarchy. The argument whose referent is lower in this hierarchy is encoded in the same way as the sole argument of an intransitive clause. This argument, furthermore, is syntactically privileged: it can be relativized and topicalized, while for the argument with the higher-ranking referent to undergo one of these processes, a
more » ... es, a detransitivizing voice operation is used. Semantic role assignment is carried out by direct and inverse marking on the predicate. Movima represents a hitherto undescribed case of hierarchical alignment, in which an indexability hierarchy has direct impact on syntax and the less salient noun phrase has the privileged syntactic status.
doi:10.1086/650552 fatcat:7s25ce6konhwloregqef23xzkm