Two-Way Quark-Cascade and Band Structure in P+Be9 ->(h+h-X, h+h+X, h-h-X)

J. Kodaira, S. Matsuda
1976 Progress of theoretical physics  
The two-way quark-cascade model based on simple quark counting is applied to the description of the inclusive production of charged hadron pairs at large transverse momenta. Predictions are given for the ratios of the cross-sections for P+ Be'->hdt2 +X versus the invariant mass M of the detected hadron pairs, where h1h2 are any of (rr+rr-K+ K-). Just recently, from a paper by Chodos and Willemsen, 1 l we have been informed of the very interesting experimental results on the reactions Recently,
more » ... he two-way quark-cascade model'l was proposed by one of the present authors (S. M.) in order to explain the high Pr particle composition data *l It is reported in Ref. 1) that the preliminary results were given orally in various seminars by U. Becker.
doi:10.1143/ptp.55.770 fatcat:vmim3kzquvcttgqyb64acdoal4