A temporally resolved transcriptome for developing "Keller" explants of the Xenopus laevis dorsal marginal zone [article]

Anneke D. Kakebeen, Robert Huebner, Asako Shindo, Kujin Kwon, Taejoon Kwon, Andrea E. Wills, John B. Wallingford
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractExplanted tissues from vertebrate embryos reliably develop in culture and have provided essential paradigms for understanding embryogenesis, from early embryological investigations of induction, to the extensive study of Xenopus animal caps, to the current studies of mammalian gastruloids. Cultured explants of the Xenopus dorsal marginal zone ("Keller" explants) serve as a central paradigm for studies of convergent extension cell movements, yet we know little about the global patterns
more » ... gene expression in these explants. In an effort to more thoroughly develop this important model system, we provide here a time-resolved bulk transcriptome for developing Keller explants.
doi:10.1101/2020.09.22.308312 fatcat:str6jfaa2rh7pk42eytjfd2qme