The stability of calibration standards for ICP/AES analysis: A two-year study [report]

D.R. Huff, E.A. Huff
1994 unpublished
The stability of instrument calibration standards for Inductively Coupled Plasma/Atomic Emission Spectrometric analysis was studied over a two-year period. Data were obtained as functions of analyte concentration, acid type, and acidity. The impact of acid concentration on signal-to-background ratios was also assessed. The results show that, with the appropriate choice of inorganic acid preservatives, most analytes maintain their integrity over extended periods; thus frequent standard
more » ... ns are not necessary to obtain valid analytical data. This conclusion allows for more efficient use of commercially purchased reference materials, " which should reduce procurement costs and minimize chemical waste. DI6T_TION OF THIS DOCUMENT 1,_UNL_"_ITIE) o *Work submitted by theU.S. Department of EnergyunderContract W-31-109-Eng.38.
doi:10.2172/10159359 fatcat:oflm36mnvra6liupij7kwlk4wi