Explore the Applications of Nano-Silver Polyurethane Skin Wound Dressing

Jingjun Zhao, Jingjun Zhao, Liangliang Shen, Xin Huang, Yufei Li
2020 Surgical Case Reports  
Polyurethane is a medical material, which has excellent physical properties and high mechanical compatibility. At present, one of the most effective application methods for antibacterial bacterial biofilm is to combine polyurethane with nano-silver, so that the polyurethane material itself has bactericidal performance and finally plays a good antibacterial effect. From August 2011 to January 2014, 75 patients with crush injury or avulsion injury who had difficulty healing were randomly divided
more » ... nto 5 groups. Results: Comparison of colony count results of different concentrations of nano-silver polyurethane; comparison of colony count results of two groups in vitro; comparison of anticoagulant degree and determination of whole blood coagulation time; comparison of coagulation routine examination results of two groups; comparison of epithelial growth factor levels at different time after treatment; comparison of tumor necrosis factor- a levels at different time after treatment between two groups; comparison of change times, visual analogue score of pain during treatment and hospitalization time of two groups; comparison of white blood cell count of two groups of polyurethane patients within 1 week; comparison of clinical efficacy between two groups. Conclusion: The medical material containing nano-silver polyurethane is a good bacteriostatic biomaterial, which can inhibit common iatrogenic pathogens in vitro. The application of 5% nano-silver polyurethane medical material to open wound, especially in patients with avulsion and crush injury in orthopaedics, can inhibit the growth of common hospital pathogenic bacteria. can significantly reduce the level of tumor necrosis factor- a in the wound, reduce the local inflammatory response, and can significantly improve the clinical effect of the treatment of complex wounds, which is worthy of clinical promotion.
doi:10.31487/j.scr.2020.06.22 fatcat:dyuxb5h75jepxhejl2jqw6f5xu