Open Source, Low Cost, Zero Downtime and Optimized Live Migration

Yaser Mowlawizadah, Herat University
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Virtualization is one of the fastest and highly demanded technologies that is currently being used, many reasons can be listed for usage of virtualization such as: consuming less energy, less financial costs, much better resource utilization, centralizing the systems, less physical space, less coolant systems, moving toward green computing, these are all benefits that can be achieved through implementing virtualization concept. While speaking of virtualization there are many concepts inside
more » ... concepts inside virtualization which one of them is live migration, it is the process of moving one VM (Virtual Machine) from one physical host to another physical host, in a manner that user shouldn't feel any interruption in other words there should be no service down, achieving this goal is crucial for many organizations while there are many users working on the systems, and an interruption might be a big danger to the organization's assets and cause irreparable problems, while many enterprise organizations are able to achieve this goal easily, there are also organizations with less funding which need more cost efficient methods and strategies for achieving the goal. The paper briefs and illustrates a complete practical approach for achieving this goal with minimum possible costs
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is070645 fatcat:6f6wiwzxs5fg5k4bro2gvaloiq