J061022 Deformation Evaluation of Solder Joint using electromotive force method and FEM
J061022 起電力法とFEM解析によるはんだ接合部の変形評価

Kisho ASHIDA, Hisashi TANIE, Tetsuo KUMAZAWA
2012 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
We developed a novel method to estjmate 止e strain di 面 bution of a small area such as so亘 der joints based the combination ofan electromotive force methOd and finite element analysis ( FEA ) . This meth (xi estimates a strain dis な ibutjon by analyzing a ten) perature change whlch is generated by elastic a皿 d plastic deforrnations , In this paper . we applied this rneth ( X1 to a solderjoint subjected to enforced tensile displacemen し The diameter and the thickness ofthe solderjoint are 500 and
more » ... 200 μ m r 卿 tively As a re 甜 lt , calculated temperatUre increase was corTesponded to measured one . [ [ herefere , the strain distribution in a small solderjoint can be estimated by electromotive force and FEA .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2012._j061022-1 fatcat:3gpkp2mwfbcexp5h35jypurosy