The stress distribution and Thermal stresses of Al Based Composite piston by using finite element method

B Rao, B Siva Kumar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
In the present work describes the stress distribution and thermal stresses of three different aluminium alloy piston by using finite element method (FEM), testing of mechanical properties. The parameters used for the simulation are operating gas pressure, temperature and material properties of piston. The specifications used for this study of these pistons belong to four stroke single cylinder engine of Bajaj Kawasaki motorcycle. The results predict the maximum stress and critical region on the
more » ... different aluminium alloy pistons using FEA. It is important to locate the critical area of concentrated stress for appropriate modifications. Static and thermal stress analysis is performed by using ANSYS 15. The best aluminium alloy material is selected based on results. The analysis results are used to optimize piston geometry of best aluminium alloys and composites.