E. L. Fox
1922 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
HONORARY ANAESTHETIST TO THE ROYAL INFIRMARY, LIVERPOOL, ETC. OBSERVATIONS have been made upon 571 cases of general anaestlhesia, drawn from the Hospital for Women and the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, attention being particularly focussed on thiree common post-operative conmplicationsnamely, clhest trouble, flatulence, and vomitina. In the series there have been four deatlhs-one from operative shock, one from bronchopneumonia, one from acidosis, and one, which occurred on thse fifth day after a
more » ... fifth day after a laparotomy for inoperable carcinoma, may be laid to tlle door of both surgeon and anaestlhetist, as tllere were some symaptoms of acid intoxication. Am-ong tlle gyinaecological cases there were 221 major abdominal and 220 minor vaginal operations. Warm etler, witlh wlhere necessary a small addition of chloroform, was given to the former, and open ether to the latter. The chest conmplications for both classes of case amounted to 22-that is, 4.5 per cent.; serious trouble, such as bronchitis and bronchopneumonia (including the death already mentioned), occurred five times-1.1 per cent.; the remainder, coughs without
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.3196.513-a fatcat:sitmnwqhuzf4tlceuqscr6k7nq