Gated SPECT evaluation of the relationship between admission troponin I, myocardial salvage, and functional recovery in acute myocardial infarction treated by abciximab and early primary angioplasty

Mario Leoncini, Francesco Bellandi, Roberto Sciagrà, Mauro Maioli, Anna Toso, Angela Coppola, Stelvio Sestini, Alberto Mennuti, Roberto Piero Dabizzi, Alberto Pupi
2004 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Patients with high troponin I on admission have a larger initial risk area, but if they undergo primary percutaneous coronary intervention within 6 h and are treated with abciximab, myocardial salvage and functional recovery are similar to those observed in patients with normal troponin I, and no unfavorable relationship between high troponin I values on admission and myocardial salvage is registered.
pmid:15136620 fatcat:od5ieoy4sralnpqiep3t4k5fai