Sheila Dow, Jesper Jespersen and Geoff Tily, eds., The General Theory and Keynes for the 21st Century

Annalisa Rosselli
The idea behind this book was to celebrate the concurrence of two special occasions: the 80th anniversary of the publication of the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes (henceforth GT) and the 80th birthday of Victoria Chick, who is one of the most influential interpreters of the GT and Keynes's thought. While the title refers only to the former event, presenting the volume as an attempt to assess what of the GT is still relevant and worth preserving today,
more » ... re is acknowledgement of the authors' debt to Chick in each chapter. Their acknowledgement is no mere formal tribute from the contributors to the volume, including many of the most famous Keynes scholars, but it reflects their endorsement of several aspects of Chick's interpretation. First of all, the belief that the GT was a revolutionary book, whose novelty has, however, been recognised in terms of policy but not theory: "The orthodox economics profession has always preferred Keynesian policy to Keynesian theory" write the editors of the volume Sheila
doi:10.34490/revkeystud.3.0_207 fatcat:awbl6lt73bdojjok6zaejfmb4a