Final report SI 08-SI-004: Fusion application targets [report]

J Biener, S O Kucheyev, M Y Wang, C Dawedeit, M A Worsley, S H Kim, C Walton, G Gilmer, L Zepeda-Ruiz, A A Chernov, J I Lee, T M Willey (+5 others)
2010 unpublished
Complex target structures are necessary to take full advantage of the unique laboratory environment created by inertial confinement fusion experiments. For example, uses-ofignition targets that contain a thin layer of a low density nanoporous material inside a spherical ablator shell allow placing dopants in direct contact with the DT fuel. The ideal foam for this application is a low-density hydrocarbon foam that is strong enough to survive wetting with cryogenic hydrogen, and low enough in
more » ... sity (density less than ~30 mg/cc) to not reduce the yield of the target. Here, we discuss the fabrication foamlined uses-of-ignition targets, and the development of low-density foams that can be used for this application.
doi:10.2172/1018439 fatcat:c4z37dfeo5ex5pbhzwcwrmkypa