Dr Muhammad Mubeen Qayyum, Dr Siddique Abbas, Dr Danish Nawaz, Mubeen Qayyum
2019 Zenodo  
Objective: The aim of this research work is to find out the rate of Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy in the patients suffering from cirrhosis of liver. Methodology: This research work carried out in Shaikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital Rahim Yar Khan from January 2019 to June 2019. 54 patients of liver cirrhosis from both genders having more than 14 years of age were the part of this research work. In the start, we performed the ECG of the patients. The calculation of the value of the QTc carried
more » ... ut from Lead-2. The interval of QTc greater than 0.440 seconds was the prolonged. Ejection fraction was in use for the assessment of the systolic dysfunction. The manifestation of the diastolic dysfunction carried out by decreased E/A ratio. Then, the determination of the levels of pro-BNP level of all the patients carried out. The confirmation of the availability of the cirrhotic cardiomyopathy carried out by the anomalous ECG or/and echocardiography, in addition with the abnormalities of the pro-BNP. SPSS V.16 was in use for the processing of the data. The calculations of the Mean ± SD carried out for the age and levels of pro-BNP. Results: A sum of 54 patients were the part of this research work, out of these patients 53.39% (n: 31) were the male patients and 42.56% (n: 23) were the female patients. The average age of the patients was 44.18±8.78. Out of 54 patients, 10.18% were from child Pugh-A, 37.18% were from child Pugh-B and 46.58% belonged to child Pugh-C. Raised proBNP was available 54.78% patients, E/A ratio of less than one in 18.28% patients, prolong interval of QT in 19.58% patients, Ejection Fraction greater than 0.53 was available in 31.78% patients. Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy was present in 42.58% patients. We found a positive association between the cardiomyopathy and the severity of the liver cirrhosis, levels of proBNP, QTc greater than .44 seconds, Ejection Fraction greater than 53.0% and E/A ratio less [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3577470 fatcat:omhbgpz3czcchhnbuy3xmb4tve