Demonstrating DIY Methods for Actuating Morphing Matter

Harshika Jain, Melinda Chen, Alisha Collins, Lining Yao, Sunniva Liu, Riya Bobde, Cindy Liu
2022 Creativity and Cognition  
The field of Morphing Matter (MM) is often associated with hightech equipment or inaccessible lab environments. In this work, we explore morphing matter applications within the context of DIY craft, showcasing different actuation methods for morphing artifacts created using compact, inexpensive, and easily replicable toolkits. This demo presents three morphing matter toolsets that enable novice learners to design shape-changing food, artistic figurines that transform underwater and inflatable
more » ... arables. We aim to thoroughly demonstrate each step in the design process for morphing arts and crafts projects triggered by various stimuli such as heat, moisture, and air pressure. Through open-source simulation tools, readily available materials, and easy-to-follow tutorials, morphing matter toolkits can empower users to express their creativity in new ways while learning science and engineering concepts, skills, and techniques. CCS CONCEPTS • Human-centered computing; • Human computer interaction (HCI); • Interactive systems and tools; • User interface toolkits;
doi:10.1145/3527927.3535196 fatcat:nqego7s3fbdhljlmzrdu6oy4iy