Visibility Enhancement and Fog Detection: Solutions Presented in Recent Scientific Papers with Potential for Application to Mobile Systems

Răzvan-Cătălin Miclea, Vlad-Ilie Ungureanu, Florin-Daniel Sandru, Ioan Silea
2021 Sensors  
In mobile systems, fog, rain, snow, haze, and sun glare are natural phenomena that can be very dangerous for drivers. In addition to the visibility problem, the driver must face also the choice of speed while driving. The main effects of fog are a decrease in contrast and a fade of color. Rain and snow cause also high perturbation for the driver while glare caused by the sun or by other traffic participants can be very dangerous even for a short period. In the field of autonomous vehicles,
more » ... ility is of the utmost importance. To solve this problem, different researchers have approached and offered varied solutions and methods. It is useful to focus on what has been presented in the scientific literature over the past ten years relative to these concerns. This synthesis and technological evolution in the field of sensors, in the field of communications, in data processing, can be the basis of new possibilities for approaching the problems. This paper summarizes the methods and systems found and considered relevant, which estimate or even improve visibility in adverse weather conditions. Searching in the scientific literature, in the last few years, for the preoccupations of the researchers for avoiding the problems of the mobile systems caused by the environmental factors, we found that the fog phenomenon is the most dangerous. Our focus is on the fog phenomenon, and here, we present published research about methods based on image processing, optical power measurement, systems of sensors, etc.
doi:10.3390/s21103370 pmid:34066176 fatcat:owkgxijv2bccjn2y3vzoxw2hka