The Strategic Partnerships as an Instrument of the EU's Accommodation to the Emerging Multipolar Order

Jovan Manasijevski
2015 Security Dialogues. Journal in the field of Security, Defence and Peace Studies  
The paper analyzes the EU's strategic partnerships as an important instrument of the Union's accommodation to the changed international constellation. The emergence, development and institutionalization of the strategic partnerships are treated in the context of the emerging multipolar order and the increasing global interdependence. The key formal, substantive and functional parameters of the established EU's strategic partnerships are analyzed. At the same time the main advantages and
more » ... tages are detected, offering number of dilemmas for further discussions. The analyses shows that through the development and institutionalization of the strategic partnerships, the EU profiles itself as a desirable strategic partner on the map of the new multipolar order. Launching and development of the strategic partnerships represents an attempt of avoiding the danger, or, more precisely, timely facing the real threat of the EU's irrelevance as an international actor. The strategic partnerships should provide effective execution of the CFSP in a function of realization of the EU's objectives and protection of the Union's interests. In a polycentric world, with fragmented and diffuse distribution of power between different, already established, as well as new emerging actors, in terms of growing interdependence, the strategic partnerships should enable the Union a global visibility and recognition, an efficient frame for optimal realization of its economic interests and continual expansion and deepening the spheres of cooperation, creating real basis for a long-term sustainable system of international relations. The European Union has timely perceived and has begun to adapt to the changed international constellation -the emerging new multipolar order. Unipolar world, characteristic for post-bipolar period, transits into multipolar, although there is still strong Security dialogues original scientific article 327 (4-627ЕУ)
doi:10.47054/sd152.10387m fatcat:542blz2z4zhs3hr7vuv5r3iq74