CONTENT ADAPTIVE ENCODING METHOD FOR HIGH FRAME RATE SCREEN-CAMERA COMMUNICATION Content Adaptive Encoding Method for High Frame Rate Screen-Camera Communication

Yaqin Tang, Yaqin Tang
As both screen displaying speed and camera capturing speed has been improved significantly over recent years, there has been increasing interest in using this technique to explore new ways of visual communication yet remain unobtrusive to human eyes. This thesis proposes a content adaptive system that can communicate between a high speed screen and a high speed camera while hiding information from human perception. The novel content adaptive embedding approach for this visual light
more » ... light communication system is implemented by applying texture range selection and edge avoiding on a checkerboard pattern for the original image to embed more information in image regions that are suitable for flicker-free communication. At the receiver, the embedding regions are identified by tracking temporal signal amplitude alteration. With such techniques, the system can achieve near zero flicker perception while successfully communicating a large volume of information between the screen and camera. To evaluate the system, we test 10 static and dynamic color videos displaying at 120fps and place the camera ii 70cm away in a stand while capturing the video at 240fps. Results show that all the 10 videos can achieve near zero flicker and provide an average capacity of 16.52kbps and with an average bit error rate of 5%. iii