Round Muscle Profiling: Influence of Aging on the Palatability of Specific Wholesale Round Cuts [report]

Mark J. Anderson, Kathy Mou, Edward Steadham, Christine Ann Fedler, Kenneth J. Prusa, Steven M. Lonergan
2008 unpublished
and Implications Differences exist in pH, calpastatin activity, and percentage of calpain autolysis between the individual muscles of the round. Some of these individual muscles have biochemical characteristics similar to that of the LD. The LD has been accepted by consumers as a relatively tender cut and has had value added to it by selling this muscle as an individual cut. As a result of this the suitability of the muscles of the round as individual value cuts needs to continue to be investigated.
more » ... inue to be investigated.
doi:10.31274/ans_air-180814-748 fatcat:atmsoz4bljfjrk3n7hhd5btv6a