Development a Measurement Scale for Analysis on Factors Influencing College Choice of College Freshman's
전문대학 신입생들의 대학선택 영향 요인 분석을 위한 측정도구 개발

Myung-Eun Kim, Won-Seok Jang
2016 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
The aim of this study was to develop scale of test taker to affect on process of selection of college. The study procedures were performed as follow : establish of study model, item generation, verification of content validity, 1st and 2nd pilot test and verification of construct validity and reliability. In order to verification of validity and reliability, 230 freshman were surveyed and the data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, skewness. kurtosis, Pearson correlation, Verimax factor
more » ... analysis and Cronbach's α. As result of factor analysis, the 15 factors(61 items) that explain 68.37% of the total variance were extracted and each factors were classified by attribution as follow : Information collection-mass media(4items), college activity (3items), support and environment(4items), education(5items), Influential person on decision making(3items), education quality(4items), education service(5items), reputation(3items), accessibility(2items), personal circumstances(2items), college's mass media(5items), promotion (4items), on-line(4items), person's PR (3items), College image(10items). Cronbach's α of total items was 0.916 and Cronbach's α of each factors were showed range between 0.694~0.878. Measurement scale of this study may be utilized to collect basic data be required to establish policy strategy of local college be faced with difficulty of admission recruitment. ■ keyword :|College Selection|Information Collection|Information Provision|Influential Person|College PR| College Image|Development of Scale|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2016.16.07.050 fatcat:fhgpu73uhzdg7areuwvvwzegzm