Carla Cristiane SOKULSKI, Alechssandra Resseti OLIVEIRA, Claudineia KUDLAWICZ-FRANCO
2016 REBRAE - Revista Brasileira de Estrategia  
The objective of this article is analyse how the sustainable practices adoption can contribute for the organization's legitimacy. Therefore, it was chosen the case of an organization that adopts sustainable behaviours when realizing services of expresses delivery using bicycles. Having a qualitativedescriptive approach, the study occurred in a company in the city of Curitiba, by means of interviews semi structured realized with managers and the use of the content analysis. The results evinced
more » ... e three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) are interconnected and are complementary, in a such way that social and environmental practices have proximity to the economic dimension, as well as, this last maintains relations to social and environmental practices. Although the franchise does not have sustainable practices standardized in its business units, it acts exteriorizing its sustainable role. The promotion of sustainable practices disseminated a positive image of the company in relation to its environment, contributing for its legitimacy in front of society with action in schools and with benefits to its employees. The study's main contribution allows to infer that the adoption of sustainable practices contributes for the organization's legitimacy allowing its recognition towards society. In this way, the legitimacy emphasizes the importance of the exercise of sustainability in organizations, improving its image and relationship with the several actors involved.
doi:10.7213/rebrae.09.002.ao01 fatcat:dxnk564zcbc3lpqmqrfozoalgu