Notes and Correspondence: Women in the Chemical Industries of England

1918 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
material in our courses in quantitative axd technical analysis. I t has been our experience that the work in analytical chemistry is greatly strengthened by the use of such material, but at present the time of most instructors is too occupied t o devote the time necessary to make the analyses required t o check the results of the students. The laboratories of many of our chemical manufacturers make such analyses as a matter of routine, and it would be a very helpful method of cooperation if
more » ... could turn over t o us and t o other universities laboratory samples together with their analytical data on the same. You have advocated a closer cooperation between the manufacturers and the universities and it appears to me that here is a chance for a definite service involving little extra work on the part of the works laboratory forces. Samples of one t o two pounds are sufficient for a year's supply, and different samples of the same matcrial are useful in diversifying the work of different students of the same class. We shall be glad to pay the trailsportation charges. The standard samples issued by the Bureau of Standards are too expensive for general use and their range is too limited. We shall be grateful for any aid you can give us in this matter and shall welcome any suggestions as to an efficient presentation in the proper quarters.
doi:10.1021/ie50108a608 fatcat:fbrv2cup4ferncdektr3g5geqy