Impact Study of Deep Foundations Construction of Inclined and Straight Combined Support Piles on Adjacent Pile Foundations

Hongsheng Qiu, Yihui Zhou, Mo'men Ayasrah
2023 Applied Sciences  
An inclined straight combination support pile can play a better role in deep foundation pit support, especially for the protection of adjacent structural pile foundations. We take a section of the construction of a deep foundation pit project in Wuhan City, Hubei Province as the research object. This paper studies the influence of inclined and straight combination support piles on the bending moment and displacement behavior of adjacent pile foundations during the construction of foundation
more » ... under the influence of different factors such as distance from the excavation surface, pit angle effect, inclined pile tilt angle, pit depth to width ratio, and construction conditions on the adjacent pile foundation using a three-dimensional finite element model. According to the research results, as the distance from the excavation surface increases, the bending moment of the adjacent pile foundation decreases, and the closer the pile is to the foundation pit, the greater the horizontal displacement of the pile; the bending moment and displacement of the pile foundation are supported by the pit angle effect. Moreover, the pile bending moment increases with the increase of the pit depth–width ratio, and the maximum displacement point of the pile body gradually moves down from the middle of the pile body to the bottom of the pile foundation as the excavation depth of the pit increases. In addition, the minimum displacement of the adjacent pile foundation is at the top of the pile, and the maximum displacement is at the middle of the pile. Finally, compared with the static analysis, the whole process of dynamic simulation can reflect the dangerous working conditions in the project construction process, and make a more complete safety control construction plan for the project construction process.
doi:10.3390/app13031810 fatcat:3euvsfp365a6xgimc63iuvom5q