1908 The Lancet  
receipts apart from these fees for slaughtering were : for rent I for standing room 8910 marks ; weighing fees, 2323 marks ; i lairage, 24 413 marks ; stables, 17,587 marks ; and food served i in the restaurant, &c., 26 519 marks ; or a total of 186,660 < marks, including the pfennigs, which are not given in the 1 above figures. Then to this must be added, though not so i directly connected with the abattoir business, the rents paid for various parts of the premises used for a saloon where
more » ... a saloon where meals and refreshments are served to all who have business or work at the abattoir, or for dwellings, drying lofts, places for examining meat, hide-sheds, altogether yielding 15,018 1 marks. The sale of dung for manure brought in 2195 marks and sundries 1640 marks. The interest on the reserve funds was 13,668 marks ; sundry fees came to 806 marks; and odds and ends, 777 marks. Loans on bonds and shares refunded 5043 marks, so that the grand total receipts were 250,101 marks. Then there were money transactions not directly connected with the abattoir costing 16,169 marks and the payment of taxes 12,092
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